Born 1966 in Kent, England, Susan studied studio ceramics at her local art school, the Medway College of Art and Design from 1984-1988. During this time she was awarded a scholarship by the Royal College of Art in London. She graduated MA with distinction in 1990.

After a residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada, she established her studio in London, exhibiting widely through the United Kingdom and Europe. Susan also became a visiting lecturer to many colleges and universities including Royal College of Art, Central St. Martin’s, Manchester Art School, The Cardiff Institute and Bath School of Art. Her work is represented in several public collections, including The Sackler Foundation, Victoria and Albert Museum (London) and Stoke-on-Trent Museum and York City Art Gallery.

In 1998 she married American illustrator Chris Murphy and moved to the USA. They live in Easthampton, MA.

“My obsession with animals and animal imagery has been more or less constant since my childhood so it is beyond doubt that they should be the dominant subject in my work. It seems right and the most honest creative front available. I do believe that part of my drive to make animals is tied up in the primitive need to possess them – like effigies and totems. In my sculpture I’m trying to create an image which traps a kind of animal truth. Direct representation does not interest me. I strive to create work which reinvents animal form, enhancing the facts without being slavish to mere appearance. Dog, Horse, Bird, Pig, Sheep and Goat are recurring themes.”


Born 1966 Gillingham, Kent, UK

1984-1986 Medway College of Art & Design, Kent, UK. NDD Ceramics: Distinction
1986-1988 Medway College of Art & Design, Kent, UK. HND Ceramics: Distinction
1988-1990 Royal College of Art, London, UK.  MA Ceramics: Distinction
1990-1991 Artist in residence at the Banff Center fort he Arts, Alberta, Canada
1996 and 2015. Artist in residence at the International Ceramics Center,Kecskemet, Hungary
2007/08/09 Artist in residence Rufford Craft Centre, Nottingham, UK

1990  Crafts Council, London  “The Decorative Beast”
1991  Crafts Council, London “Beyond the Dovetail”
1991  British Council Exhibition (touring India) “Colours of Earth”
1992  Crafts Council at the V&A, London “New Faces”
1993  The Barbican, London “The Raw and the Cooked”
1994  Gallery for British Ceramics, Heidleberg “Towards the Future”
1994  Victoria & Albert Museum, London “Ceramic Contemporaries”
1995  National Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia “Contemporary British Ceramics”
1997  Newport Museum, Wales “Body Language”
1998  Marianne Heller Gallery, Heidelberg, Germany “Women in Europe”
2000  Rufford Craft Centre, UK “Raku, Investigations Into Fire”
2003 Silvermine Art Center, New Canaan, CT “Art of the Northeast”
2004 Lincoln Arts Center, Lincoln, CA “Feats of Clay”
2005 Ulla Surland Gallery, Fairfield, CT “Fauna and Flora”
2006 Ulla Surland Gallery, Fairfield, CT “Bird”
2007 Lincoln Arts Center, Lincoln, CA “Feats of Clay”
2007 Touring Exhibition, “Firing Thoughts” Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, England
2007  Ruth Morpeth Gallery, Hopewell, NJ
2008  Newby Hall, Sculpture Park and Gardens, Yorkshire, UK.
2008  Westchester County, NY. “All Fired Up”
2008  Flow Gallery, London UK. “Things Beastly”
2008  Silvermine Art Center, New Canaan, CT. “Craft of the Northeast”
2009 Penland Gallery, Penland School of Crafts, NC. “Instructors Summer Exhibition”

2010 - 2014
Silvermine Guild Arts Center, New Canaan, CT
“New Members Show”
Marion Harris, New York, NY
“New York Art and Antiques Fair”
Marion Harris, New York, NY
“New York Art and Antiques Fair”
Park Hill Orchard, Easthampton, MA
“Art in the Orchard”
Clay Art Center, Portchester, NY “Go Figure”
The Armory, NYC
“Art and Antiques Fair”
Applied Arts Museum, Budapest, Hungary
“Art from the Cloisters of Clay”
Park Hill Orchard, Easthampton, MA
“Art in the Orchard II”
Cavin-Morris Gallery, New York, NY
“Metropolitan Art Fair” New York, NY

1993 Andrew Usiskin Contemporary Art, London, UK
1999 Ulla Surland Gallery Eleven, Fairfield, CT
“On the Wall”
2000 Ulla Surland Gallery Eleven, Fairfield, CT
“Small Things and Big Ones”
2001 Ulla Surland Gallery Eleven, Fairfield, CT
“Animals Observed”
2001 Ute Stebich Gallery, Lenox, MA
2002,'05, '06, '12
Clay Art Center, Port Chester, NY
“Extraordinary Birds and Beasts”
The White Gallery, Lakeville, CT
“Two Artists: Two Journeys”
Grubbs Gallery, Williston Northampton School, Easthampton, MA
“New Sculpture and Drawings”
Silvermine Art Center, New Canaan, CT
“Head to Head”


Central St. Martin’s School of Art, London, UK Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Kent Institute of Art and Design, Rochester, UK University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, UK
The Royal College of Art, London, UK Silvermine School of Art, New Canaan, CT Clay Art Center, Port Chester, NY Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, UK Christ Church College, Canterbury, UK University of the Arts, Farnham, Surry, UK The Hartsbrook School, Hadley, MA
The Worcester Museum of Art, MA
The Silvermine School of Art, CT
Penland School of Crafts, NC
International Ceramics Centre, Kecskemet, Hungary

The Victoria & Albert Museum, London Campbell’s Soup Tureen Museum, Philadelphia, PA Royal College of Art, London
The Sackler Foundation, London
The Contemporary Art Society, London Stoke-on-Trent Museum
Shigaragi Ceramic Centre, Japan
Aberystwyth University, Wales
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
York City Art Gallery

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