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The idea of portable art has always been highly appealing to me and has been inspired by souvenirs collected as a child (and as an adult), religious artifacts as well as the broader category of sentimental items people carry with them, save in their collections, worship and bring on their travels. These objects often have complex rituals or meaning associated with spiritual practice, personal relationships, life experiences -- pain, faith, loss, hope and joy. This series takes cues from these symbols and objects and translates them into totemic and shrine-like objects.

PETER BRADLEY COHEN is a lifelong creative person who made the transition to art full time about 3 years ago, but he began making work as a kid and was hugely inspired by abstract expressionism, pop and post-modern work. He also started collecting as a young teenager and has continued acquiring work along the way with a collection that outstrips available wall and floor space. Prior to his current art practice, Peter spent 30+ years in marketing communications and was a senior leader at several large multinational ad agencies including JWT and O&M and 15 years into his career moved to the client-side at Microsoft Corporation where held many posts and for several years lead global advertising managing over a billion dollars in marketing spend. In the short time Peter has been practicing, he has been in over 20 groups shows and juried competitions and can be seen at galleries on up and down the east and west coasts. He serves on the Advisory Board of the ICA in Boston where he works on the Acquisition and Exhibitions Committee. He has also leads the marketing committee at Art Omi in Ghent NY. He lives in Hillsdale, NY with his partner of almost 30 years and works in nearby Ancram.