Painter Bernd Haussmann and Sculptor Peter Bradley Cohen
** The artists will be present at the opening.**

At its best, art is a feast for the eye as well as food for thought. Bernd Haussmann and Peter Bradley Cohen, painter and sculptor, offer both. Different media, same quest! In this exhibition each artist is dealing with illusions of size and space.

The sculptures by Cohen, seen by themselves, do not betray their size. They appear monumental, as if building blocks for Stonehenge. It is the title "Tiny Fetish" that gives away the scale. At the same time the word "Fetish" hints at the world of magic, of the spirit, the age-old desire for protection. It is meant to be an object to keep one company, to be coveted, cherished and to be carried around with oneself. 
So could the paintings by Bernd Haussmann be small or large. Words scribbled into the surface deliver messages evoking the intimacy of book pages, but combined with weighty geometric shapes and bold brushstrokes the paintings defy scale. Do the words and phrases carry important or protective meaning as a response to Cohen's implied meaning of fetish?  That is left for the viewer to decide.

Both artists use a limited palette. Haussmann uses rich shades of grey, reminiscent of grisaille, a technique traditionally employed to give the illusion of 3-dimensionality. A nod to the sculptor, his partner in this conversation?  Cohen chooses gold to emphasize the precious, jewel-like quality of his objects.

This back and forth conversation could be expanded upon endlessly. It is a challenge to extract personal meaning which, in the end, is what art is all about.


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Subjective environments
A picture exists in its own time
Its own reality
And equally and parallel in the time and reality of the viewer
At the moment of its viewing -
Within the viewer’s own reality
So a picture is a heteropia and
Also a Utopia (according to Foucault)
An external and internal space
Because the picture exists in its own time and space
And parallel, as a counteraction, to the position of the viewer
So a picture is a mirror and also a boat
And what is a window?

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No more ART



Tiny Fetishes


Tiny Fetish


Tiny Fetishes


Tiny Fetish