Ever since the invention of photography the depiction of landscapes has opened up new possibilities for the artist. No longer is landscape a reflection of nature's multiple forms .

Concerns over pollution (Paul Scott) or environmental damage (Jan Henle) have become important motifs for some artists: or constant destruction, construction and change of a cityscape, as in Jongjae Kim's New York City street scene, have become important.

Others, such as Aboriginal artists, paint landscapes as markers of their tribal lands holding the keys to their mythology.

Sculptor Gene Flores demonstrates his respect for the grandeur of desert and canyons, where his family originates, by sculpting their elegant and simplified outlines in metal.

Last but not least, the moonscape by Trina Sears Sternstein steers away from the poetic to the mysterious, the unknown and unknowable.

This exhibition is meant to demonstrate the endless possibilities our contemporary world offers to artists where rules no longer restrict artistic expression.